Add the Buzzster! bookmarklet to your browser.
You can now recommend links with just one click - no matter where you are on the web!

Instructions for Safari, Firefox and Flock users:

Install the Bookmarklet by dragging the button below to your Bookmarks Toolbar above.
Send with Buzzster!

After you add the button to your browser, it will look like this:

TIP: If you can't see the Bookmarks Toolbar, Choose "Bookmarks Toolbar" from View menu » Toolbars.
I've installed the bookmarklet. How and when do I use it?

Once you've got the Buzzster! bookmarklet installed,
find something you want to recommend to a friend and then:
  1. Use your mouse to select the text you want to quote (optional)
  2. Click on the Buzzster! bookmarklet
  3. Pick who you want to send the recommendation
  4. Click Send
Feeling adventurous!? Try our advanced bookmarklet

Send links while never leaving the page you're on; the Buzzster! advanced bookmarklet overylays the send form over the page you're reading instead of redirecting you away from that site.

To install, follow the instructions above for adding the regular bookmarklet. Simply swap the regular bookmarklet with the advanced bookmarklet:

Send with Buzzster!