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Why did we create Buzzster?

We were scratching our own itch -- we wanted a better, faster way to track and send links to friends from our home and work computers. Buzzster is a way to recommend videos, news, blog posts, etc to friends really quickly. Our goal is to make Buzzster! the best way to recommend links.

How is Buzzster better at sending links to friends vs. or regular email?

We are avid users, but we quickly discovered that is not a great solution for sending links to friends.
Here is why:

  • Believe it or not, only a small number of people we want to send links to use To send links via, the person you want to send a link to also has to be a user. This is not the case with Buzzster. One can use Buzzster to recommend links to anyone who has an email address.
  • No notifications. When someone sends a link via, days can go by before we realize there is a link waiting for us. Buzzster proactively notifies the person that you have shared a link with immediately.
How is Buzzster better than regular email? We used to email (via Outlook, Gmail, Entourage, etc) a lot of links to people both inside and outside of work from many locations (home = 3 computers + work) and we always found ourselves searching for links we sent someone a few weeks ago. Best case it was in our Gmail account, otherwise we had to hunt to find them across multiple computers. Buzzster saves all sent links in one place, and also makes them searchable, which makes them easier to locate later on.

How does Buzzster work?

Once you install the Buzzster bookmarklet, you can send links to friends as you browse the web. It's pretty simple: when you find a page you want to recommend, click the Buzzster bookmarklet, the Buzzster "send to a friend" page appears, fill it out, hit submit, and you'll be taken back to the web page you were on.

I've installed the Buzzster bookmarklet. How and when do I use it?

Once you've got the Buzzster! bookmarklet installed, find something you want to recommend to a friend and then:

  1. Click on the Buzzster! bookmarklet
  2. Pick who you want to send the link to
  3. Click Send

What are bookmarklets?

From Wikipedia:

A bookmarklet is a small JavaScript program that can be stored as a URL within a bookmark in most popular web browsers, or within hyperlinks on a web page. Because Internet Explorer uses the term favorites instead of bookmarks, bookmarklets are also less commonly called favelets by users.

Bookmarklets can be saved and used like normal web page bookmarks. Therefore, they are simple "one-click" tools that can add substantial functionality to the browser.

What do the Buzzster recommendation emails look like?




How do I know which email format my recipients will see?

Buzzster sends your recommendation using a format that contains both HTML and plain text versions. Email programs that can display HTML email will display the HTML version (unless the user has explicitly chosen to disable HTML email features) while all other email services will just use the plain text version.

We also made sure that Buzzster emails look good on mobile devices.

Can I view all my recommendations after I send them somewhere?

Yes! When you use Buzzster, all your recommendations are saved in one easy access location. You can also share your Buzzster public profile with friends, so that they can keep up to date with your recommendations.

I do not want a particular recommendation to be listed on my public profile. How do I do this?

Simply mark the link as “private” when sending your recommendation.

Can I display my recommended links on my website or blog?

Absolutely. Visit the Widgets & Tools page for details.

Is there a Buzzster FeedBurner FeedFlare?

Yup. Grab it here: Allows readers to email feed item with Buzzster!

To use 3rd-party FeedFlare, just copy the above URL and paste it into the Personal FeedFlare field on the FeedFlare service setup form for your feed. FeedBurner will automatically load the FeedFlare's details from this location so you can begin using it in your feed immediately.

Does Buzzster support MicroID?

Yes. MicroID enables anyone to claim verifiable ownership over content hosted anywhere on the web (social networking sites, discussion forums, blogs, etc.). MicroID is not an authentication or single-sign-on service, just a straightforward method for identifying content ownership that complements existing technologies such as OpenID and microformats. MicroID is also being used by ClaimID,, Ma.gnolia, and Yedda. So join in the fun!

Will SPAM filters prevent my recommendations from reaching my friends?

We go out of our way to ensure delivery success. We regularly test on all major email providers – Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. We also regularly put Buzzster emails through SpamAssassin tests, make sure our Sender Policy Framework (SPF) details are in place, and do everything else to ensure delivery success.

In order to ensure your Buzzster recommendations do not get caught in spam or junk mail filters, you can Whitelist us by adding to your e-mail whitelist.

Why is this important?

Unsolicited, unwanted advertising e-mail, commonly known as “spam”, has become a big problem. It's reached such proportions that most e-mail services and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have put some sort of blocking or filtering system in place or begun relying on self-proclaimed blacklists to tell the good guys from the bad.

We applaud their intention to protect us from spam, but everyone agrees that the current systems for stopping spam are far from a perfect solution. They often block e-mail that we've requested, but that fits somebody's idea of what spam looks like. Most providers are working hard to cut down on these “false positives”, but in the mean time, you might unexpectedly find you're not getting your Buzzster emails…

As it happens, there's something you can do to keep your Buzzster emails from falling into the false positive trap. You can fight the blacklists with a "whitelist". We recommend to all our users to whitelist us.

What about my privacy?

We know that you care about how your personal information is used and shared, and we take your privacy very seriously. Please read our Privacy Promise to you.

How do I contact Buzzster?

Click here for details.